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Mr Wednesday Cafe – Fairfield – Alphington


mr wednesday cafe alphington motorbike indian 2This place opened up quite recently, in the last couple months, but every time I ride past it, its always packed!

oh, that, and I have to stop myself from crashing because I really am in love with the green vintage Indian Motorcycle that the café owner rides and parks outside the shop. I feel so much want for that thing.

Apparently its worth over 45K though. All I can say is this blog better go viral and make me some serious ad money so I can at least buy an authentic Speedometer or maybe a couple nuts and bolts with the proceeds. 😛

Upon venturing into the place, too pressed for time, the fitout is really quite something to behold- the painstaking work that I slowly saw progressing over the months with the onwers and their mates/tradies going in and out like busy industrious ants really produced some great results.

Pressed metal, funky light bulbs, succulents in quirky containers, and lots of rich woody, earthy tones and exposed brick walls give the place a really cozy feeling… though that could be equally attributed to how small the space is. hanging on the wall is another vintage indian motorcycle, though this one in rather sadder condition. Apparently it carked it only days before the opening of the café, in front of the café, and wouldn’t start.. so they just hung it on the wall rather than call a van to tow it away.


And, damn, the food smells and looks good, and the aroma of the coffee is pungently pleasant.

Their menu is on their website, which is handy:


They use ‘industry beans” which, if you are a hipster coffee snob, are supposed to be pretty good.

Ok, I do like my coffee too.

mr wednesday cafe alphington motorbike indianOn the wall is some sort of limited edition single source coffee menu that lasts for a suitably limited time. Hmm. I’m not sold on this single source idea, personally. if I fork out and try it, I’ll update the post on how awesome it is, or not. I suspect its just your bog standard, very good coffee, better marketed.

Either way, this is a damn nice coffee shop, certainly suitable for taking esteemed friends to as the atmosphere really is charming and warm. There are tables outside under the awnings for sunny days.. and we have plenty of them coming up this summer.



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