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World Without End – Ken Follett


A historical Epic drama, spanning decades, set in ye olde England.

The second book in the “pillars of the earth” series by follett.

This book became a rather watchable mini-series, which I reccommed you watch first because, as with most book to teleseries projects, the books is so much more of a compelling and richer story to immerse yourself in



The story mostly traces the path of Merthin the builder from lowly apprentice to master craftsman,  his ever soulmate, and other characters that closely surround him.

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Domenics Quality Butcher- Fairfield


Address: 102 Station St, Fairfield VIC 3078
Phone:(03) 9489 0060

When on a provisions run to Fairfield village, the highlight of my journey is a visit to Domenics Butcher.

The prices, range and quality of the meat is so far in excess of the dismal and unappetising argon inflated, wizened and ancient MAP packaged offering by the supermarkets in the area its just ridiculous.

In all seriousness, it’s like there is an unwritten rule that supermarkets have to exclusively rank looking, sad meat at crazily expensive prices that are daylight robbery.

Well, night time robbery under cover of darkness anyway- as Domenics is shut at night, and the supermarket rankness is the only option available.

No wonder so many young, hip professionals and yuppy latte sipping hospo workers in the Northcote / Darebin area have gone vego in droves like a plague has washed over the north.

Clearly, they haven’t visited Domenics.

Anyway, there you can pick up nice, juicy porterhouse and T-bone steaks on special for a very reasonable $16-$20 a kilo, lamb chops for under a tenner, and the pre marinated meats, while a bit more, are just to die for… or revert away from veganism, if that’s your thing.

There are few other competitors on the high street, but they seem to not be as well laid out, or more expensive.


This is just my impression though- I’ll write up some musings on the other places next time I wander down that way to confirm.

Also, i’m clearly not the only one with this same opinion.



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Biviano & Sons- Fairfield


Located in the Fairfield Shopping strip, just next to the rather dilapidated foodworks store, and the butcher, lies this friendly, high quality grocer.

Generally, the produce in this shop is of excellent quality, and if you choose carefully, the prices are as good as anywhere else.

Generally, the store is a bit more on the expensive side compared to coles or woolworths- but the quality difference, and the extra shelf life you get makes it worth spending a few bob more for some fruit and vegies.

Daily specials are super competitive, and the stall out on the footpath is always worth a look.

The staff, who all seem to be possibly members of the same extended family are friendly and courteous, and any problems with the bill are cheerfully rectified.

Actually, if I’m totally honest, the staff are almost universally super-cute, and ridiculously charming for the most part, especially on the weekend. I’ll often find myself chatting idly to some of them, who know me a as a regular if its a slow part of the day and there’s not many customers about.

That just adds to the personal and warm feeling of shopping at a truly locally born and bred business though.

One thing I didn’t know about till I did research for this article is that the online store seems to have similar or better prices than in the physical store, though the mangers specials aren’t present. Delivery over $20 is free in the local area. Not half bad. I have no real excuse for suffering the bendy carrots, and other verdant goods on their last legs the coles and woollies seem to manage to hock to the time poor masses.



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