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Pho 24- Spencer Street, Melbourne

Pho 24.

Fresh and hip take on fast food pho.

Upon visiting this eatery, opposite southern cross station, I picked out the smoked Barramundi Pho.

We had come at an unusual and quiet time of the day, and the owner, a big, friendly, VERY aussie bloke was pottering about, training some new staff and idly cleaning. His story was that he had spent a lot of time holidaying and living in asia, and decided to bring back some of the culinary delights of asia with him upon his return to Melbourne, and mixed them with his business acumen to create a fast food system that served healthy pho- not nasty, tasteless burgers.

He then proceeded to let us taste all the base broths he had behind the counter, and a few of the main ingredients like the smoked barra, which he proudly proclaimed he made personally in house.





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