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Tin Roof Cafe & pizza + Greek Souvlaki soldiers Hill Ballarat

Some time ago I wrote about our visit to the tin roof cafe on macarthur street on its opening day, and my opinion was that the pizza and coffee we ordered was pretty average at the time, though the fit out and atmosphere was quite Nic100720162016e, airy and pleasant, as was the very professional and attentive service.

What I did rave on about through, was how keen I was to try out the Souvlaki that I saw being served up there, which both the staff and other customers seemed to be tucking into with quite some relish, if not wild eyed fevour! (Yes, I feel quite some regret at not going with my instincts immediately and getting a big, tasty Greek meal at the time)

The other day, I finally became one of those ecstatic customers who can proudly say they have enjoyed a souvlaki from Tin Roof cafe in Soldiers Hill.100720162017

After scanning the menu, and seeing mostly reasonable prices of $11-$13, my eyes zeroed in on the best looking deal. “Double meat” Yes. DOUBLE meat, and it was only a few dollars extra… and, I knew, since the lass was a guest at my house that day, she would expect me to share if I brought back food to my place.. extra food was necessary.

There were options for mixed meats, but I’ve always found those options to be a bit disappointing in other decent Greek restaurants because of the confusing mix of strong flavours, with no real dominant focus, so I avoided mixing it up.

100720162020Anyway, back to the DOUBLE meat lamb souvlaki- As a take away, it was nicely presented in a hip looking box that was as practical, sturdy, insulating and greaseproof as it was aesthetically professional looking.

Inside, was a BIG souvlaki. So big, and stuffed with glorious, roasted lamb and some salad, that it didn’t even roll shut properly. (hence why it’s all open and spilling its guts for all to see in the photo alongside)Did you pick up that it was BIG??

That was a good thing though.More is good. I think we can all agree on that one. Worst case scanario, the lass would have to finish it, and spend the rest of the afternoon whinging about how i “made” her consume unhealthy food.

Anyway, more to the point, it was delicious.

100720162021So delicious that a decent amount of it mysteriously vanished when I went to make us a cold drink to go with out lazy evening meal in front of the television, watching Bojack Horseman.

I’m looking at the lass right now, and she has a little spot of yoghurt on her face… I suspect there is only one prime suspect in the house responsible for the disappearance of the succulent innards of that souv!

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