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Lindt Pick and Mix 50% off! – Lindt Chocolate Café melbourne

Pick and mix at lindt chocolate café, Melbourne CBD. half price 50 off lindt pick and mix gift boxes lindt cafe

– 50% off all gift boxes. HALF PRICE!
NEW DEAL- photo taken on Thursday!

As far as I can tell, this deal should run till Christmas 2015.
Little box $14.50
BIG box, $24.50
16 odd flavours of Lindt balls to choose from, some not EVER available in supermarkets

Simon food favourites provides a bit of a review of these below:

The mix bar also includes mini “hello” bars too, and other small wrapped goodies I’m not entirely familiar with. The Hello bars are nice enough, and the enticing looking shiny blue wrapped single tailed items are quite tasty and nutty, reminiscent of a Ferrero Rocher maybe, but I’m more of a fan of the Lindtor balls, particularly the various incarnations of the mint ones.

The big box fits around 900gms in it, so works out to be in the range of $25/kilo for this deal, which is better than most supermarkets.

Sadly, the BIG red Christmas gift baggie, which holds 1.8kgs+ is NOT included in this deal 🙁

Some people might be worried about the freshness and expiry date of these, but I’ve tasted my purchases, and they are definitely top notch merchandise.

The full size “HELLO” 45gm bars are also on special for $1 each, down from $2.50 at the counter.

I couldn’t help myself but buy a cookies and crème, and a crème brulee flavour bar too. $2.. can’t say no!

Happy mixing!

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