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The Walking Dead


If you haven’t seen, or watched the walking dead in the last few years, I am suspicious that you have been living under a rick somewhere… or maybe you actually have a life… but wahtever.

Rick Grimes, Sherriff of a small town in America, wakes in a hospital bed from a long term coma to discover that the world as he knew it has essentially gone mad while he slumbered.

Lurching around the town are the animated dead. the undead. commonly known in pop fiction as zombies. The stuff of nightmares.

The show traces Rick, who upon reuniting with his family, collects other living, breathing people around him and tries to lead them to safety, or at least, prolong their not so dead status for as long as he can.

Zombies, really? Well, theres wisdom in this madness.

The apocalyptic setting of this series sets the stage for a compelling and gripping drama with a pioneering spirit, which attempts to showcase the best, and worst of human nature, and our struggle to live with one another in harmony, cooperate, and maintain the relative peace and tranquillity of our civilised society.

The presense of the zombies, while the stuff of fantasy and folklore, that just don’t make sense, serve a very real purpose- a scaffold scenario around which the behaviours, reactions and moral development of the all very human characters can be chronicled and observed.

Again, this is a long running serial which multiple seasons to enjoy- but its worth it. Just be prepared to wonder what you could have done if you had not spent so many hours staring at the screen watching Rick and his pals battle the lurching “walkers” as they are referred to, themselves, and their own flaws, and need to draw on inner strength and each other under the most terrible and frightening circumstances.





Meet Dexter- Brother, Forensic investigator in Miami Dade police department, and undetected mentally damaged serial killer who has a pretty sweet pleasure yacht docked in the marina, which he uses to dispose of bodies. One episode, he even catches a rare fish on it.

Everyone loves a good serial killer series, with blood, obsessed coppers, hot, capable looking girls brandishing guns, and the usual trimmings.

Dexter is a nice twist on the usual cop show, and intensely watchable.

Theres good reason for why its been going since 2008!

Definitely worth a look. beware though- there are a lot of hours of watching to catch up on given how many series have been shot of this show over the years!

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