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Internet TV- Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is an original NETFLIX series that I was introduced to by by esteemed friend and landlord one evening when I invited him to share a meal with I and the lass.


It’s an unlikely and zaney show, which is an adult animated comedy/drama, set in a world where ANIMALS and humans coexist in some kind of society of equality.. and communication in.. English.

I can only guess that it’s some kind of deep metaphor for acceptance and tolerance. Or, more likely, it’s an excuse to enable amusing animal stereotype jokes to be knitted into the scenes.

Most importantly, its FUNNY. Not in the usual bland American humour way, but more in the dry and satirical, dark style of good British comedy TV of the 80’s to naughties.

The show is set in the airy sycophant filled atmosphere of Hollywood, and protagonist is Bojack Horseman. And, yes, he’s a horse. of course!

Bojack is a slightly sad and pathetic millionaire bachelor, the former star of a very corny, not very good, but neverless highly successful sitcom of the 90’s- “Horsing Around”.. a show which has suspiciously close plotline ties to another famous, but terrible show of the era, “Full House”

Set in present day timing, Bojack has spent the last 20 years… well, not doing much, apart from wallowing in his own lost fame and drinking a lot of Whiskey while watching reruns of his old show, which went for 9 seasons, a fact that is emphasised by Bojack often to whomever will listen.

Things start to look like they could finally turn around for his fortunes, when the publishing house, “Penguin Publishing” (which is run by a very anxious and stressed penguin, of course) which contracted him to write his memoirs, hired Bojack a ghost writer desperation with its last few pennies before it filed for bankruptcy. That Ghost writer is a young, hipster Vietnamese woman who just happens to be dating Bojack’s worst frenemy in his prefessional and admittedly stunted soical life, an adorable golden retriever called Mr Peanut Butter. The two hit it off, and Bojack finally starts to open up a little… and that’s where things start becoming interesting.


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