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Our Trusted Content

Our Content & Journalistic Integrity:

  • Bunnyscrum only publishes content which contains solely UNbiased & truthful reviews & opinions, including our sponsored content to preserve readership trust & maintain excellent return on investment for sponsors.

  • Bottom line, if your restaurant, product, or service are not up to scratch, we will not mislead readers and publish false positive commentary.… but we WILL work with you to help you genuinely achieve the high standard we expect so we can publish a more favorable report!

The site’s content is updated regularly, and covers an eclectic range of topics that mostly centre on food & lifestyle which include:

  • Casual & formal dining restaurant reviews & commentary (Ballarat & Melbourne focused)
  • Take Away & food cart reviews
  • Unique Recipes
  • Local Events & activities
  • Local history
  • Toys, games & hobby discussion
  • Pet Care & animals
  • Technology, IT & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability, fitness & wellbeing
  • Product reviews
  • Society & politics, Editorial.

Advertising services offered:

  • Traditional Banner Advertising

    • Graphical display banners, linked to sponsor website or social media
    • Graphic design included
    • Flexible time periods 1 month to permanent.
    • Multiple ad placement options- all of site, category based
    • Choice of prominent positions- embedded mid article, side column, top header, footer.
  • Sponsored Content Journalism (We write about your business; product or event)

    • We visit your site
    • We sample your goods & services
    • Photography and/or Cinematography included
    • Return on investment (ROI) tracking strategy developed to allow value reporting to be provided
    • Article content &written in conjunction with sponsor
    • Article or video posted on website & social media permanently (no time limit)
    • Regular site readership & article ROI estimate reports.

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