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The Turret Cafe Sturt Street Ballarat Victoria

WP_20170712_14_23_16_ProDropped in for a coffee and cake at the Turret Cafe ballarat on Sturt street, just down from the base hospital.

As usual, there was a lot of activity, with people both staff and customers scurrying about everywhere, and nomming into delicious looking lunches.

The atmosphere in the cafe is absolutely beautiful, refurbished in a sympathetic style that highlights the history and charm of the building the turret his housed in – “linden”- upstairs is accommodation that can be booked out on air B&B under the name No.1 Errard boutique accommodation.

As we waited patiently for service, mouthwatering fragrances wafted from the sorely tempting looking lunch options as the waitresses rushed about, but sadly we just didn’t have time to stop long enough to enjoy the offerings properly.

The refrigerated cake cabinet was what we were here for though- numerous sumptuous and some rather unique treats, baked in house beckoned!

WP_20170712_14_23_06_Pro WP_20170712_14_23_02_Pro

We went with one of the more unusual and exotic offerings- a “Croissant” and raspberry cake…

And that was what it was- literally.. but they failed to mention in the description the best part- the fact the Croissants were drowned decadently in dark chocolate fudge sauce, cocoa and the layers of raspberries were interlaced with huge chunks of high quality chocolate. Its quite a creation worth experiencing, and it truly is an absolutely exceptional triumph for the patisserie staff behind the scenes.

Coffee was great too, staff are wonderful. Needless to say, we plan to come back, and try out those meals as soon as possible too.



802 Sturt Street
Ballarat, Victoria 3350

Tel: 03 53344744
Fax: 03 53344722


Ganache Chocolate shop and Café – Melbourne CBD

Ganache is one of the quintessential must visit cake and coffee shops within the environs of the melbourne CBD.


On offer are stylish artisan chocolates, delicious, chocolatey moussy cakes and excellent coffee.

Ganache is not jsut located in the CBD, but also a sister store in South Yarra on Toorak Road, where the majority of the manufacturing and baking takes place.

Ganache also runs a sort of cooking school where you can join their master confectioners and learn to make truffles, nougat, custom chocolate bars and the trendy macaron.


Now, onto the CAKE and the coffee!-

Cake and coffee is at the price you would expect for a specialty melboune cafe- or… chocoalte lounge, as they prefer to call it. your wallet will be lightened by around $13 in most cases for a quick trip for a sugar fix.


Doughboys Donuts, Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

Doughboys Doughnuts have a very special place in my heart and soul, and contributed considerably to my falling in love with our beautiful city, melbourne. 180120161479

My first authentic doughboys experience was courtesy of my wonderful first flatmate on the auspicious day we were undertaking the painful, time consuming and annoying activity of moving house.

I’d been in East Malvern for a grand total of four weeks at that point, living in a happy and fun, but ramshackle slightly lopsided cottage which was the epitome of the stereotype of the worst house in the best of streets, surrounded by the grandeur of looming mansions, hidden behind the green filtered light of ancient and benevolent tre180120161478es.

But the lease had come to an end, and the head tenant had decided not to renew, so we were out on our ears. Moving, packing, panicking, desperately looking for a new place to live.. Such is the grind and stress that is synonymous with being a scummy, landless tenant.

We had just picked up a big, unwieldy, but manly and powerful diesel Hilux flat tray for the job from the Ute rental place nearby, and the prospect of driving in melbourne traffic must have already made me look frazzled and in need of a hug..  My flatmate demanded we go get a big yeasty, crispy, soft, sugary hug, with creamy lime filling (aka, a key lime pie doughnut) from across the road at doughboys.

Back then, Doughboys, as I knew it, was just a wooden counter in the corner of Fancy Hanks BBQ restaurant near vic markets, not far from my work,  But I could never seem to get there in time before they sold out.

Meanwh180120161475ile, Doughboys seemed to be taunting and tempting me (and everyone else in melbourne) with their hateful “Doughboys Coming Soon” sign printed on the glass balcony in front of 535 Bourke street since March 2015. When was soon? they had been promising SOON for months, maybe a YEAR. unacceptably cruel!

But in December… they finally stopped teasing and finally gave up the goods. They opened! Praise melbourne!!

… And i was reunited with my one true love, the Key Lime Pie filled doughnut. mmmmmm!!!


The new shop was filled with excited doughnut sugary goodness fans such as me, queuing up to get a well earnt fix after toiling the morning behind desks, in front of courts, and smiling at customers.180120161477

There were even a couple other fellow food bloggers, snapping away with fancy zooming SLR’s as the doughnut artisans, looking very smart and industrious in their white uniforms made delicious creations right before our eyes on the counters before us, as we watched though the glass and perspex dividers.

The new shop, doughboys first looks slick, stylish clean, and, I think the best word to use, is inclusive. The fact we can see the doughnuts bei180120161476ng made by the chefs there and then, with the kitchen sort of integrated into the serving and coffee making area was a fantastic stroke of brilliance, connecting the customer deeply to the product.

They served two things, specialty Doughnuts of various types made with all organic ingredients, and coffee. Both of which they do very, very well. Options of both take away, and dine in are available. Take aways come in a stiff cardboard box to protect the soft iced creations from the jostling of the melbourne CBD foottraffic on the way back to the office to share with favourite workmate, or on trains and trams, smuggled home to loved ones.

If eating in, there are a few places to sit, but not many- and the doughnuts an coffee are served in bespoke, funky, locally made crockery, apparently specially made for doughboys. The coffee, I am yet to try.

180120161480   Other reviews are as positive and enthusiastic about Doughboys as I am- It really is one of Melbourne’s favourite food entrepreneur sons, and it is great to see how the time, preparation, thought and care that was clearly put into this first flagship standalone store has paid off with a really iconic and well executed launch.


For the peckish and curious, there are many, many more photos of doughboys delicious donuts in bourke street on google:

More photos of delicious Doughboys Doughnuts

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