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Electrolux Free Samsonite luggage offer with Washers & dryers Apr 28, 2017 to Jun 11, 2017

On the weekend, we got sick and tired of going to the Laundry king Laundromat every weekend, and went out to buy ourselves a brand spanking new washing machine.

We ended up settling on the Electrolux 8.5KG front loader EWF12853 from Harvey Norman. (it’s a good looking thing, isn’t it!)

It seemed a pretty decent price, at under $800, which was what I paid for the last washer over 7 years ago, and it had some nifty features such as quick steam cleaning modes, called “Vapor Cycle” which seemed pretty innovative and useful. Typically, I’ve shied away from front loaders because they tend to take forever to deliver a single washload… but this one has pretty quick specifications, which I’ll write about in the near future.

This month, at Harvey Norman, (and other major retailers, I presume) the Electrolux Laundry products came Electrolux_samsonite_b'lite_3_55cm_spinner_offerwith a free bonus of a piece of luggage from Samsonite- a B’lite 3 55cm Spinner.

Apparently, you can live the Electrolux life with one of these. Either way, its FREE. Might as well claim it!

Doesn’t seem too hard, does it? Till the website asked you about the serial number… which is probably stamped on the BACK of the 75KG Electrolux front loading washing machine you probably just had installed in a hutch or nook in what is usually the most cramped room in the house!!

There is an easy way to find the serial number of your Electrolux laundry product though, without moving it or any backbreaking work!

Just keep reading on how to easily take the steps you need to make to successfully claim your free bonus Samsonite luggage!

Link to website to claim or redeem free samsonite luggage from Electrolux after buying a laundry product in 2017

A) After Clicking on the link, the site will ask for some basic details, then ask you to verify your email address.

Electrolux_samsonite_b'lite_3_55cm_spinner_offer- step 1






There is a trick to easily finding the serial number on an Electrolux laundry item.. or most electrical appliances really.

b) Step 2 will require more information, such as what model you bought, where you got it, and upload a copy of Electrolux_samsonite_b'lite_3_55cm_spinner_offer- step 2the receipt.

As mentioned before, the serial number of your eligible electrolux laundry product  can be a bit more difficult to figure out than it initially seems- you wont find it in your user guide, or on your receipt usually.

Instructions on where to locate or find the Serial number on an Electrolux EWF12853 front loading washer:

  1. Look at the packaging and plastic wrapping the Electrolux washer came in- you should find a sticker on the wrapping somewhere!
  2. Read through the maze of barcodes and meaningless picking and stock numbers all over the sticker.
  3. On mine, the serial number is located directly under the BIG product number in the middle
  4. In the photo I have taken to the right, the serial number to our EWF12853 is underneath the blue pen that is obscuring the number on the picking/packing stickerWP_20170521_01_41_26_Pro
  5. You should be able to use this exact effortless technique on ALL the Participating Products- the following Electrolux Laundry models:
  • Front load washers EWF12753, EWF12853, EWF14933, EWF14013, EWF14023, EWF1074, EWF1083, EWF10831, EWF1087, EWF1090, EWF1282, EWF12821, EWF12822, EWF12832, EWF14012, EWF1470, EWF14742, EWF14811, EWF14822, EWF14912, EWF14922, EWF1495
    Front load washer dryers EWW12753, EWW14013, EWW1273, EWW12832, EWW14912
    Condenser Dryers EDC2075GDW, EDC2086GDW, EDH3786GDW, EDC2086PDW, EDC47130W, EDH3284PDW, EDI97170W, EDP2074PDW

C) Once you have jumped though all the hoops, you will get a confirmation email and receipt.

Electrolux_samsonite_b'lite_3_55cm_spinner_offer- success!

You can track your claim via this link, provided you successfully received a password in your email from electrolux

Of course, with all these promos, there are terms and conditions- be careful to read them- especially the one about the limited time you have to cough up a valid serial number if you don’t provide it straight away!

Promotion terms and conditions- Electrolux Samsonite luggage offer

Hope you have some luck in getting the bonus luggage to turn up! post us a few comments if you have any questions!


Hilarious chicken products direct from France online

More accessible, and much lower maintenance forms of french chooks you can buy directly online.

As usual, I had a bit too much time on my hands, so I found some amusing and quirky french chicken related products that could survive the journey in a box overseas from France. (Including the Australia post footy team)

The first is a cute chicken “bonnet”- really, its a hat, or fluffy beanie thing.

Certain people I know would love this thing, as silly as it looks- bit that’s the point, right?

“Bonnet de poulet blanc avec de longues pattes déguisement pour Noël fantaisiste”

Ahem. its not going to disguise you as a chicken.

Not even to a blind man, but its definitely pretty amusing.

I think that the dummy to the right who models this delightful french bonnet looks rather nonplussed at being chicken man for the moment.. but again, I can definitely think of a number of people who woudl love this enough to even wear it in public, on a regular basis.. especially to doof raves and clubbbing in the Ballarat or Melbourne CBD.

A very special type of attention is always bestowed upon people in pubs who wear novelty hats- mostly because drunk people are easily amused… and almost always bored. A supper cool.. or incredibly dorky hat gives people an excuse to come talk to you and make a few new friends when out on the town. Just dont expect it not to get stolen by some inebriated git, or out of control female on the turps.

Another odd, but immensely unique gift for the french chicken lover is a HUGE, jumbo sized stuffed chicken leg!

YunNasi Peluche Jambe de Poulet Jouet au Premier Age 60cm Coussin Décoratif Cadeau d’Enfant Doudou Bébé

Thats One Huuuuge Chicken Leg!!! just look at the size of it! over 60 cm in height!

If you are STILL hungry, the gigantic 110 cm version is up for grabs too!

Probably came from a turkey, what do you think?

As a matter of fact, i’d probably want to have one of these on my bed,  if I’m absolutely honest.

It needs a stuffed watermelon to go with it to complete the set however, because, y’know, chicken and watermelon go together and suchlike.

But if the monsterous chicken leg isn’t quite enough for you, the whole kit & kaboodle is availble- an oversized roast chicken. (possibly a toy set for people who dream of actually being able to cook one day.. but are sadly incapable at present.

YunNasi Peluche Poule Poulet Jouet au Premier Age Cadeau Doudou Bébé 45cm

It appears this fluffy chook comes with a whole family of accessories and additions for the perfect inedible roast.

I just cant get over how ridiculous this looks.. but I think I know I WANT ONE for absolutely inexplicable reasons.

Amusing chicken products in the UK.

A pal put me onto the concept of utilising package forwarders in order to be able to purchase products from UK, US and french websites that do not normally ship to Australia.

Mostly, I’m after cool electronics, but out of sheer curiosity I had a look in the pet section of Amazon in the UK, and found some pretty whacky things for sale that made me laugh a bit. I wonder how many they sell?

My first pick is the “chicken swing” by fowl play products from amazon UK. 

Fair enough, our chooks like to caper around.. but a plastic, purpose built playtime object.. just for swinging… And to top it off, just in case your avian avian happens to read, and forgets what her henhouse toy is for, its name is written in big, bold letters!

Admittedly, it is a kinda cute idea, and would make a thoughtful gift fro someone with some bored chooks in their back yard.


The next bit of unusual kit for your chicken is the Omlet Pink High-Vis Chicken Jacket. also on amazon UK, by the same seller. “Omlet”

Yep. You read right. It’s a high visibility safety jacket for your chicken. Turn your chook into a tradie or factory worker overnight?

Or, rather, make very sure that a wild dog, or fox will see her in the dead of night with certainty. The mind boggles.

In reality, its a quirky sort of gift that will engender a few laughs at the next family BBQ.

In all practicality though, some of the sillier and more intellectually challenged chooks designed for egg laying do have a habit of hiding in the back garden, and being impossible to find at twilight so you can pack them into the safety of the henhouse and shut the door (well away from the murderous intentions of the said dastardly Mr Fox)

Under a torch, any absconding prize egg layer hiding under a bush would glow and flash quite brightly, making them easier to catch.

The pic on the product listing below adds some context- why did the chicken cross the road? Because..

BUT, safety first! She had to do a JHA – Job Hazard Assessment, which determined there was a risk, and she needed to wear appropriate PPE – Personal Protection Equipment to mitigate the risk of being run over…

Again, my mind runneth over with wonder.. normally these kind of obscure and odd inventions with questionable practical uses only come from Japan last I checked.

Seems the Brits have jumped on the bandwagon of too much time and money to burn. At the time of writing, there were only a few of these abominations left in stock. I never would have guessed they could turn out to be popular!!

Might have had something to do with a tweet on by a bloke called “lord sugar” on twitter that went a bit viral perhaps..

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