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Little Creatures Canteen and Brewery- Geelong

Located in a warehousy and light commercial part of Geelong, the little creatures brewery was bought inlittle_creatures_brewery_geelong_indoor_seating_canteen 2011, and opened in 2013, pumping out fresh, light tasting and bright flavored beers.

Attached to the working factory, is the little creatures canteen, and the White Rabbit Barrel Hall.

The brewery and canteen is situated in an old woolen mill complex, tastefully restored, that the company won little_creatures_brewery_geelong_heritage_awardheritage awards for.

The food is excellent, and despite the canteen being in a big, open warehouse, the atmosphere is warm, bright and inviting, topped off with good service from cheery and enthusiastic staff.


I ordered the burger special, a nice big pizza, coffee and a Chai tea with honey for the lass.

little_creatures_brewery_geelong_canteen_chai_teaThe Chai tea was unusually well presented, and of great quality, being loose leaf, and freshly brewed- there was no powdered or tea bag option nonsense being pandered around here on the surf coast, unlike in Melbourne.


little_creatures_brewery_geelong_canteen_burgerThe burger was tasty, reasonably priced, and the chips were nice and crispy. In fact, the chips came WITH the burger, and I didn’t have to pay extra for once, despite this being a “hip” and “cool” establishment.


little_creatures_brewery_geelong_canteen_pizzaPizza was a stone and wood baked affair, with fresh and good quality ingredients sprinkled on top. more than satisfying.


There were a lot of cool little spaces and things go look at, and go ahh, and ooh!, at the brewery, and it was a pleasure to wander around and have a good stickybeak.

The beer tours are only $12, so next time I’m going to book into one and check it out- wandering around industrial facilities are always fascinating, even if you are not in the industry, and just a hack home brewer like myself.

little_creatures_brewery_geelong_outdoor_seating_canteen little_creatures_brewery_geelong_piano

For some reason, there’s a badly tuned honky-tonk piano outside in a container you can have a bash on in any state of tipsyness, and because it a pretty big property, you can borrow a bike to ride about on if you feel inclined, just ask the bar staff, though don’t get crabby if they say NO because of the jug of beer they know you just drank by yourself with lunch.

All in all, its a fine place to go for a lunch date with a pretty lass, and that’s exactly what I did that day.


The brewing process in diagrams- click to enlarge


Images of the current menu as of winter 2016 as are below, or check out the links to the current menu on the following links:

Food menu- little creatures canteen Geelong

Drinks Menu- little creatures canteen geelong

little_creatures_brewery_geelong_canteen_menu2 little_creatures_brewery_geelong_canteen_menu1

221 Swanston St, Geelong VIC 3220

Monday – Tuesday: 10am – 5pm

Wednesday – Friday: 10am – 10pm

Saturday: 8am – 10pm (Brunch available)

Sunday: 8am – 10pm (Brunch available)

Phone: (03) 5202 4009



Railway Hotel Restaurant, Castlemaine, Victorian Goldfields

amazing meals!


railway hotel menu:


whats on and facebook


170120161470 170120161469
From the grill :
prawns, scallops, squid and fresh sh
w/ coconut bouillabaisse, mussels, bread and fresh oysters
for 2
(can be GF)
Spicy brazilian chicken croquette Coxinha (4x)
Spring Lamb rump (dinner time only)
freekeh, soy milk, macadamia, pepitas, mount pepper, olives,
beets and harrisa
Muscovy aged duck breast (dinner time only)
white mulberry, muscat, grilled skate wing, chimarrão herb and
purple carrots
(GF) *cooked mediu
the chef cathces his own trout!
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