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Bank BSB details lookup- Australia

Got a BSB, and some pesky direct debit form wants you to provide information that you either have never thought about, or long forgot a long time ago?

BSB’s are associated not only with the bank they are attached to, but also the particular branch where you first opened the account.

There are a few websites on the net which can help you confirm the details of  an account to wire transfer into, or uncover long forgotten memories of which bank you started with back in the day.

Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited – Official Site

BSB numbers site- Shows branch location on a map

findbsbnumbers.com.au – can search by suburb to find bank locations- very handy

How to create bootable Windows to go USB drive + Convert .esd to .Wim Windows 8.0 / 8.1 / 10

This post is a FULL tutorial on how to create a bootable “windows to go” USB drive without the enterprise edition of windows 8.0 or 8.1

Windows to go- A portable operating system on a memory stick!

Normally, a portable, bootable standalone operating system on a USB version of windows 8, or 8.1 is only able to be officially created by a licensed copy of the enterprise edition of windows.

However, there is a nice workaround that can be done, so you can create a “to go” version of windows on a USB with just a standard pro license of 8.0 or 8.1. Its just a bit more involved though, and requires you to use a couple clever 3rd party programs and some patience to pull it off.

Apparently this technique may work for windows 10 too! Just need to test it! Comment below if it works for you!!

I managed to do this only after searching for quite some time, and piecing a number of tutorials together as i encountered various problems along the way via trial and error.Microsoft is crafty, and reads the tutes that appear on the web… and shuts down convenient wormholes that allow you to really act as a power user of windows.. instead of a zombie.

Given the annoyance and trouble I went to last night to produce a licensed, portable version of windows that simply runs off a USB thumb drive, I thought it worthwhile to write this post to make it easier for others out there.

Ingredients for a USB install of windows:

  • A blank USB flash drive with 16GB+ of spare capacity. (MEM-1)
    • This is the USB you will be putting the live working version of portable windows 8 on!!
    • A 32GB+ USB 3.0 Drive is recommended, but a slower USB 1.0/2.0 will work just fine.
    • Larger capacity drives will give you some more space to install other programs and have user files in there as well.
    • Don’t have any other data on this stick! it’ll get deleted when you put the portable operating system on it. Back up your data somewhere else, and you can put it back on this stick once the installation process is finished and you have your USB version of windows up and running!
  • ANOTHER Blank USB flash drive with 8GB+ capacity (MEM-2)
    • You may need this one if you don’t have a CD of windows OS install- read on!
  • Your Windows 8.0 or 8.1 CD key / Serial number.
    • Look on the bottom of your laptop, or in the box your windows tablet came with for the registration keys related to your windows license.
  • A copy of Windows 8.0 or 8.1 Install media (ISO FILE or installation CD)
    • This is usually the recovery and windows reinstalling CD that often comes with your laptop or tablet (often filled to the brim with bloatware)
    • If you don’t have the CD, or don’t like the bloatware your hardware manufacturer puts in the box with your device/computer, you can download the windows 8.0 or 8.1 installation files off the microsoft website for free.
    • BEWARE! DONT get it off another internet bit torrent or sketchy russian website source- it will probably contain some kind of nasty computer virus, botnet slaver or creepy spyware esigned to steal your credit card numbers!
    • Windows 8.0 / 8.1 : Microsoft site- Free and legal windows 8 installation files
      • Download and use the media creation program to obtain the windows ISO file you need.
    • Windows 10 : Microsoft windows 10 free download of installation files
  • A working installation of the “Rufus” utility by AKEO consulting – FREELY downloadable!
    • Click on this link to get a Free Download of RUFUS from its creator
    • Rufus is a very useful little program that allows you to create bootable USB flash drives, and load ISO images on them, as well as MS-DOS (Freedos) bootable drives, and format them correctly in FAT32, NTFS and more. (Why formtting is important we will get to later in the tute)
  • A working installation The GImageX program – FREELY Downloadable!
    • Click on this link to Download free GImageX from AUTOIT
    • This program hooks into a command line microsoft utility that is used by network admins to do custom installs of windows. For us, the average Joe, RUFUS overlays a pretty graphical user interface (GUI) to make it easier to use.

Backdoor Method for creating a windows to to USB drive with no Enterprise edition.

Step 1: Format Memory sticks using RUFUS utility.

  • Run RUFUSRUFUS_format_no_image_mount
  • Error check your Memory sticks (both MEM-1 & MEM-2 using RUFUS
  • REFORMAT your memory sticks to NTFS format, NOT anything else.
    • FORMAT is VERY IMPORTANT! If you use FAT32, the following process will throw a “cannot create file or folder” error when your write your windows setup files to the USB later on.
    • Why the error? Apparently it has something to do with the limitations of how many files can be put onto the root directory of a FAT32 volume.




STEP 2: Find install.wim file, or install.esd file.

  • Grab your secondary memory stickrufus_Win2go_mount_ISO
  • Take the ISO file of WIN 8 you got from the CD, or downloaded from Microsoft directly, and use RUFUS to mount the image on the stick.
  • Search the directory “sources” for a file called “install.wim”
  • If you can find it, happy days! note down the exact file path- you can then skip step 3!
  • BUT, Chances are, if you downloaded your ISO install media image from Microsoft recently, there WILL BE NO WIM FILE, which will cause you a hassle!. Microsoft has upgraded their media to an encrypted format called .esd to make it harder for people to make custom installs without more advanced knowledge.
  • IF there is NO “install.wim” file, look for a file called “install.esd” and you will have to undertake step 3.
  • Note down the file path of “install.esd”
  • What we need is a .wim file, so we will need to convert .esd to .wim somehow.

STEP 3 – Convert esd file to wim

  • Bring up a command prompt as “administrator” – i.e. an elevated command prompt.
  • Log the memory stick drive that you mounted the ISO image of the WIN-8 setup to earlier using RUFUS.
  • navigate to the sources directory
  • type the following to interrogate the index.esd file in there:
  • >> dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:install.esd
  • interrogate_ESD_file_CMD_PROMPT
  • Then enter the following command string to easily convert the ESD file into a WIM file.
    • >> dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity
  • convert_ESD_to_WIM_command_prompt_win2go
  • Note, this command will dump the file into the same directory- “sources”
  • Note the path of the new install.wim file you have created.

STEP 4: Image the Install.wim file onto A USB drive using GImageX software.

  • Run GImageX software
  • Click on the “apply” tab
  • Set the following:
  • Source: The path of the install.wim file you found or created earlier from an .esd file.
  • Destination: The USB drive you wish to install windows to go on.
  • load_wim_with_GImagex_step1
  • Click the Apply button, and the program will install a portable version of Windows 8 on the targeted USB drive.
  • This could take quite a while. Because, in my case, was installing from USB stick to USB stick, it took over SEVEN HOURS to complete!
  • Probably not a good idea in hindsight- but I’m not sure if the process woudl work if i moved the WIM file to the C: drive instead. Try that, and let me know how it goes, comment!
  • When complete, the USB drive will now have a working copy of Windows 8 to go on it.
  • The first time you run it, it may go through the registration process, after then, it should just work.

STEP 5 – Mark the USB partition “active” using Windows Disk management tool

Bring up the windows utility “Disk Management Tool”

Select the External USB drive you have your windows 2 go install on

Right click, and on the menu that comes up, click on “mark partition Active”

However, if the “mark partition active” option is greyed out, you will have to use the elevated command prompt program “Diskpart” to get this to work.

In this case, at the command prompt to start the program; type

>> diskpart

Then , to bring up the official names of all the disks on the computer, type:

> list

  • Then,

>> list partition

  • and finally, type

>> Select partition 1

  • then, to mark the selected partition as the active; type




STEP 6: Load USB drive with “Boot Entries”

  • Open Command prompt as Administrator
  • Log your WInd2go drive as the active drive in the command prompt.
  • i.e. if your drive is E:
  • then simply type in: “E:”
  • Change directory to the system32 directory of your win2go drive
  • i.e. cd windows\System32 (for 32 bit installs)
  • type in;

>> bcdboot.exe E:/Windows /s /f ALL

  • This command string will install boot entries on the USB drive you are tying to get to run WIN2GO.

STEP-7 – BOOT Win2go

  • Switch on computer
  • configure you computer’s boot order in the bios menu.
  • On this computer, the boot order can be modified by hitting F10, its the same for many modern computers!

Thanks and credit has to be given to the other authors on the web who provided  guidance and inspiration for the tips you see in this post:


















2-in-1 Paintball gun water crystal gun soft bullet gun pistol toy REVIEW- (Ebay Australia)

This toy water crystal gun is yet again the sort that shoots both the soft EVA suction cap NERF style bullets (that are pretty lame) AND the soft water bullets as well.

I wonder what the chinese sriting says? comment if you can translate it!!!

Usually this means that the barrel length, and thus effective range for a water crystal bullet is compromised.

What does look exciting is the advertised 45-round top loading magazine, and, hopefully, a better, more reliable and effective loading mechanism that hopefully doesn’t mince the bullets like what happened in my previous review.

The seller of this one is one ebay again “hotdeals-cn”, and the cost was a whopping $9.99

Unlike some of the cheaper sorts of water crystal gun on Australian Ebay that only include the gun, poorly packaged into a thin plastic mailing bag, and that is it, this set also throws in a few hundred rounds of ammunition and some soft nerfy bullets that are designed to match the gun also, as well as the high capacity top loading bottle magazine.

In appearance, it’s more Space-gun than a plastic attempt at a realistic looking replica pistol or gun, like the last product I reviewed. The chunky star-trek or doctor who bad-guy styling, with gaudy painted arrows on the side, just in case you forget which is the business end of the gun makes it look pretty tacky and ridiculous.. but hey, at least theres a low chance of a local genius holding up the servo or maccas with this particular item.

The first one I ordered actually got confiscated or returned by Hong Kong customs for being too gunny looking in the x-ray, and I received a refund. Fingers crossed that this one has not suffered the same fate coming from china. (Though there is the possibility that the seller was just lying, and had just run out)

The Chinese sellers are slowly learning to include some half coherent english descriptions, and this listing has benefited from that.

Operation review:
At some point I’ll do a video of this thing working, (test-michael style) and throw it up on you-tube.

Verified effective mechanism:

Quite simply, no. the magazine doesn’t really work too well. It’s serial a gel-bullet muncher.

Verified effective range:

NERF style foam-dart: around 15 metres. The darts fly straight and true enough that the suction cup sticks to the window.

Water crystal bullets- when working, 5 to ten metre range.

Estimate of Rounds per minute (RPM) achievable.

When working, maybe 30RPM. of, well, mess of gello bullets.

The breach loading of the gun for the foam bullets is pretty archaic. More civil war, or pirate musket then space gun technology. 10RPM max.

The NERF-style foam bullets for these things seem pretty non-standard too- one generally does not fit other models.

Current Identified selling links on ebay for basically the same product: (april-16)

  1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321914717704?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-in-1-Water-Crystal-Paintball-Soft-Bullet-Gun-Toy-Pistol-Toy-CS-Game-Toy/351508622646?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140106155344%26meid%3Ddcc5d839d60143d28bd9c2e710137910%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D321914717704
  3. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-in-1-Water-Crystal-Paintball-Soft-Bullet-Gun-Pistol-Toy-CS-Game-Toy-/231853356478?hash=item35fb8975be:g:ccsAAOSwQYZWyrOV




Yi Jia Da Brand Soleil Evolution 9mm water crystal gun Pistol Review

Water Crystal Guns, or Water crystal Canons are a new sort of kids (and big kids) toy that has emerged in the last year or two, and have finally made their way to Australia, mostly via online channels such as Ebay, and to a lesser extent, Alibaba.

What are they?

Water crystal guns are marketed under a number of different names, depending on the country of origin, and, well, the command of the English language the seller happens to have.

Common names are:

  • Water Crystal Gun
  • Water Crystal Cannon
  • Water Bullet Gun
  • Air Sport Gun

You have probably seen kids mucking about with them in the park, shooting each other, or in their front yards.. or perhaps university students running amok, making a nuisance of themselves. Basically, they work very much like any other air and spring powered toy gun, such as NERF, which shoots foam bullets, but the key difference here being that gelatinous balls of a silica-like gel are used, which are “grown” from their dry state, by soaking them in water for a number of hours, where the bead-like crystals will expand 20-fold.

The one we are examining today is the “Yi Jia Da” brand Soleil 9mm Water crystal Pistol.

Here is an example of one for sale on Australian Ebay, and cots around $8 AUD, including post.

1 Set Pump Pistol Toy Classic Children Boy Gift With Water Crystal Bullet JR

This one is unusual, as you receive a full retail box set, with the Gun, packets of suspicious looking “water crystal

Hmmm. little packets of beady things the size of pinheads. Hard to believe that these not only made it though customs unopened and tested, but also swell up so much when soaked in water!

bullet” ammunition that you hope aren’t going to land you with an accidental drug trafficking charge, , a few soft darts, and, WOW, the ACTUAL BOX, which is covered in exciting looking chinese characters…. and english, maybe chinglish. But anyway.

This set isn’t too bad for the price- The gun itself feels surprisingly reasonably solid and well made, and when pulling back the slide to cock, or arm the thing, you don’t get a disconcerting feeling that the thing is going to break, disintegrate into a million sharp shards and somehow backfire, blinding you for life on the first shot.

So far so good.


To load the water crystal bullets, there is a little slider on top of the gun.

Loading a stock of ammunition into the gun  is Pretty intuitive- there’s a magazine that fills up along the barrel.

The back of the box provides some fairly wooly guidance on how the air water crustal bullet gun works.

Again, having the box is useful- the pictures are pretty self explanatory on how to operate the toy gun.


The seller also provides a step by step story board of how to load and cock the gun.


How to operate the Yi Jia Da Brand Soleil Evolution 9mm Water bullet air sport gun.





Well, yes, and No,

Firstly, the cocking mechanism actually takes a bit of strength and confidence to use successfully. its not a toy for sickly, limp wristed kids.

Sadly, the soft water crystal bullet magazine and auto loading mechanism is a bit of a failure- theres a bit of a trick to tilting the gun back at the right angle when cocking, or arming it such that loads properly, and doesn’t either result in a dry firing, or giving forth a mess of smashed water crystals which, well, travel about a metre.

I found that breach loading the gun with a couple water crystal balls, and blowing them down into the depths of the barrel seemed to work well, and delivered a good result.

Shooting range:

Breach loading the gun with the NERF-style “soft foam bullet” results in a shot that goes maybe 15 metres.

Not bad for around the house.

Also, a proper breach load of a water bullet resulted in the little crystal ball being propelled a fairly impressive 25 to 30 metres.

Quite good for such a unassuming little plastic gun! The seller’s claims of 50 feet were reasonably accurate, to conservative.

Overall, its not a half bad toy that isn’t totally disappointing. The only let down is the shoddy loading and magazine style that tends to munch up and create a gello mess more than half the time.

The Seller Actually took some time and effort to describe the toy properly and reasonably accurately, which is actually pretty decent and gives you some confdence when purchasing, especially since it takes 30 days of waiting around to turn up!

Safty ang funny outdoor Game Shooting toy.

Quantity:1*Pistol Toy,2*bag water bombs,and 3 soft bullets


Color:As the picture shows.


Soft Bullets Diameter:1.2cm/0.47″

Soft Bullets Length:4.2cm/1.65″
Shooting Range:50 ft

Note:The paintballs have several colors,we sent at random.

Manual measurement,please allow 1cm error.

Package include:

1 X Kids Toy for Gun

2 X Bags Water Crystal Bullets

3 X Yellow Soft Bullets




Finding ASX broker PID

Recently, a close pal who knows I’m half decent at internet research asked me to help him out.

The guy had just moved, and lost most of his important personal paperwork relating to his shareholdings, and he was attempting to transfer his broker sponsored HIN to another broker. In other words, moving his shareholding portfolio to a newer, shinier, cheaper Australian broker… and taking advantage of $600 of free trades in the process.

Apparently it was pretty hard for the average joe to find out what your existing broker’s PID, or ASX Participant Identification Number was. He had spent hours browsing about getting nowhere, and called me in frustration.

I found it after ten minutes of poking about on the net (A long time for me) but the process is a bit convoluted, as the ASX has semi-hidden the information about how to look up broker PID in its depths.

ASX_BROKERPID_LOOKUPFirstly, Go to the following link:


Click on the Link at the bottom right hand side, where it says “List of participants”

That will bring up the following PDF, which changes every few days or months by the look of it, every time they do an update to the most current PID list.


Inside that PDF, there is yet another damn link, when you click on “more information” which will finally gets you to the most up to date PID and broker list you are looking for. (in this case, the 2016 PID list)

http://www.asx.com.au/communications/notices/2016/0110.16.02.a.pdf (Current PID list as of Feb 2016)

*sigh* Finally! Just search (ctrl+F) for your existing or new ASX broker name in that document to find their PID.

The document has two main fields:

  • ASX(Market), ASX Clear and ASX Settlement Participants


Minted lamb Cutlets with Potato Salad

A delicious, healthy and high protein meal for one that takes less than half an hour to prepare, and only ten minutes if you pre-make the potato salad.  A perfect after work meal for the busy professional that costs under $17.


The meat Can be bought fresh after work in the basement of DJ's The meat Can be bought fresh after work in the basement of DJ’s




3X Frenched lamb Cutlets

1X Wagu Burger

Fresh mint and rosemary

3 Tbs Sushi or mirin seasoning

1 Tbs Rice bran oil





Potato Salad:

6 Small washed salad potatoes

2 Eggs

1 Carrot

100gm Christmas ham290120161549

5 tbs mayonaise

1 Tbs French mustard

2 Fresh beetroot

2 Sticks celery

1 handful of rocket

Small handful of cheese.


Place Potatoes, Eggs, and Beetroot in pot, and boil.
Chop Celery and ham into fine pieces

Peel Carrot, discard peelings, and shred remainder with the peeler into thin strips, and chop coarsely.

Drain boliling pot of liquid, and fill with cold water to cool contents. Circulate and change cold water a few times to speed up cooling process.

Remove egg shells.

Chop potatoes, beetroot and egg into quarters

Combine all ingredients above with rocket in a bowl, toss with mayonaise and mustard, top with tasty cheese.

Pre Marinade lamb cutlets with mint and rosemary, Mirin seasoning. 290120161556

Place Lamb and wagu burger into a very hot rice bran oiled pan.

Turn down heat, and close pan.

after 5 minutes open pan, and turn lamb and burger.

Put lamb to edge of pan to stay hot after a further 5 minutes, and center burger in the middle to cook fully.

Serve with potato Salad.




Suttons House of Music- Ballarat


The Bar is Stylish, old world and inviting, as are the delightful saff and management.

The Bar is Stylish, old world and inviting, as are the delightful staff and management.

Situated opposite Federation Uni, next door to Grill’d this place has quite an irresistible charm.

Sutton’s is a delightful little cafe bar and music gig venue that is stumbled upon during flying after work visit to Ballarat when the free V/line trains were going on in early February.


The atmosphere is great, and the menu, though not extensive (or expensive) no doubt contains other gems apart from the very tasty burger that ordered just before the kitchen closed and wolfed down.

The staff, both at the bar and management alike are attentive, chatty and pleasant, and there’s none of the imperious barista or hospo snootiness that you can get at trendy establishments in the big smoke- melbourne.

Given Suttons is next door to Grill'd, i had a suspicion that the burgers woudl be pretty darn good to stand up to the competition- i was right!

Given Suttons is next door to Grill’d, i had a suspicion that the burgers woudl be pretty darn good to stand up to the competition- i was right!

On the date of my visit, I was served by Molly- a charming and witty theater performance student who provided candid and engaging banter and advice about the menu, Ballarat, and  the venue’s vibe in general.

Its a big venue, that could easily seat 100 with not much trouble, with a stage in the middle for gigs, which are bluesy, jazzy and just chilled out when an event is on.

The canned playlists have the same pleasant 1920’s to 40’s flavour, and its easy to feel at home.



The lemon curd pie is just the right balance of sour and sweet

The lemon curd pie is just the right balance of sour and sweet

I am happy to announce that the coffee here is good- this one was made by Molly.

I am happy to announce that the coffee here is good- this one was made by Molly

Tutto Italiano, Ivanhoe, Melbourne

gelato and wood fired pizza bar

official website




other reviews




Railway Hotel Restaurant, Castlemaine, Victorian Goldfields

amazing meals!


railway hotel menu:


whats on and facebook


170120161470 170120161469
From the grill :
prawns, scallops, squid and fresh sh
w/ coconut bouillabaisse, mussels, bread and fresh oysters
for 2
(can be GF)
Spicy brazilian chicken croquette Coxinha (4x)
Spring Lamb rump (dinner time only)
freekeh, soy milk, macadamia, pepitas, mount pepper, olives,
beets and harrisa
Muscovy aged duck breast (dinner time only)
white mulberry, muscat, grilled skate wing, chimarrão herb and
purple carrots
(GF) *cooked mediu
the chef cathces his own trout!

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