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Skies Weapons: Light Arms- Striker

Basic Air pistol. Can be manufactured, or found in the safe on the farm world.

uses stones as ammunition.

Kanitar Thai- Geelong

Kanitar Thai- Geelong.

140520161921We went to Geelong a couple weeks ago for a bit of a fun roadtrip, and found ourselves hungry and in need of something delicious. On Recommendation from my uncle, we went to the sister restaurant of Kanitar- (the original establishment)  that was up the road.

That, was a tiny little place of excellent reputation for quality, and good prices,  which was, sadly, solidly booked out.

The staff there directed us to go down the road, and visit the “new” restaurant, Kanitar, for the same menu, and same experience, just in a bigger premises. This restaurant is HUGE, and fairly nicely fitted out.

Looks liek they are still workign on the decor, as its a bit sparse, but hte seats are confy, the service is good, and the fodd is excellent. if you are on Malop street in Geelong, and in need of a well priced feed, that is pretty delicious, check this place out!

Kanitar Thai- Geelong: Offical website



Kappaya Restaurant- Abbotsford, Melbourne Japanese Soul Food

Located in Abbotsford Convent, this is a very special little Japanese restaurant.240120161534

Choose from a selection of delicious bento boxes, filled with tempura vegetables and chicken;

Any you can even have a beer at this establishement too, as it is licensed… or ajust a pot of tea for the purer souls out there.


instagram photos of the menu





Other reviews:





Tutto Italiano, Ivanhoe, Melbourne

Gelato and wood fired pizza bar in Ivanhoe town Centre.

This cafe is kind of a cross between a high end italian pre-prepared industrial food manufacturing plant

The industrial kitchen, made for big batches of hundry Italians!

The industrial kitchen, made for big batches of hundry Italians!

(look around the back), a cafe, a milk bar, and a pizza parlour.

With such a diverse mix, you would think, that they do not do any of these thing well, right? totally wrong!

The Gelato is delicious! some of the BEST i have ever had in all of melbourne

The pizza is AMAZING, and very well price. $10 for a wood fired pizza, eat in. can’t go wrong, and the ingredients are top notch.

The locals seem to love the pre-prepared pasta dishes and fresh pasta that can be purchased from the fridges and freezers.

The very impressive home made gelato bar.

The very impressive home made gelato bar.

AND, the coffee is EXCELLENT, while the very pretty, very tasty patisserie style cakes are super cheap, at $4 to $5 each, and they would cost $8 to $10 anywhere else.

If you are in the north, and don’t know where to go for lunch, dinner, a coffee or an icecream.. you MUST visit this place!



The cheapest Patisserie style cakes in the northern suburbs of Melbourne- forget northcote! drive a bit further down the road to check this place out!

The cheapest Patisserie style cakes in the northern suburbs of Melbourne- forget northcote! drive a bit further down the road to check this place out!


official website



other reviews




Saigon Vietnam Noodle House- Ballarat

While small and unassuming in size, this place packs quite a punch on both the value for money stakes, and the quality of the food. Two areas that are usually fairly incompatible.Not so the case for Saigon

One of the busier establishments on armstrong street, and despite the fact the wait staff look more like

Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves with a delicious dipping sauce

Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves with a delicious dipping sauce

traffic control council workers, in their hi-vis polo tops, the food is excellent, is served, fast, and the service is pretty friendly, and generally not half bad. The staff don’t ignore you and its easy to catch their eye. fast and efficient.

This restaurant is very possibly the home of the most generous and best value duck rice noodle soup i have had in the whole of Victoria!

I have ordered the duck soup, & rice noodles- which costs a princely $12.80 three times now, and there has always been a consistent quarter to half duck in the bowl! pretty damn good value!

I dipped my betel leaf wrapped beef packages in the soup.. delicious!

Dishes and custom beverages sampled:

Vietnamese coleslaw

Beef With Betel leaves

Beef and beef balls pho

special Chicken Pho

Pork and rice

Vietnamese coffee

Coconut juice with young coconut flesh.


Rice Paper Scissors Restaurant Melbourne CBD

Tiny space, friendly staff, and you can watch the chefs work away if you are at the end of the bar.

Tiny space, friendly staff, and you can watch the chefs work away if you are at the end of the bar

Some months ago we visited this charming little spot.

It’s so popular, you CANNOT book- we had to line up as soon as i finished work.

Lots of small, fresh little, inspired and different meals with a Vietnamese flavour coupled with friendly service.

$60 for 5 dishes from their menu.. very, very nice experience.. i have the sneaking suspicion their food is healthy too!

Anyway, we loved it, and have been back since!


The menu:


230120161489 230120161488 230120161487 230120161486 230120161483 230120161485

Regent Cinema Cafe- Ballarat

Ballarat’s premier evening entertainment destination is almost without question, the Regent cinema.

This cinema is beautiful, old world, full of history, and the perfect place for a relaxing, minimal effort and fuss date night with the lass.030620161972

This cinema shows a rich variety of titles, in various sized cinema rooms from new release blockbusters, to the arty limited releases, and everything in between, including a very swish gold class offering,
sponsored by Audi Automobiles.

Regent Cinemas- Ballarat

The atmosphere is relaxed, very country, sophisticated and has that extra touch of class that most cinemas in Melbourne and its suburbs just do not have, and it has nothing to do with the huge chandeliers dangling from the roof of the lobby.

Best of all, the price of going to the cinema is very reasonable- under $12 if you get the movie club card, which takes a moment to sign up to, and you get a free ticket to the movies with the ~$13 fee.

Movie Club Information

What is nice also is that there is a late night cafe-bar next to the gold class section. Craving some caffeine after watching “Nice Guys” (Which is an excellent movie, even if it is disturbing how fat, old and washed up Russell Crowe looks these days) we visited the cafe and nabbed some cake. Because it looked delicious, and we could not resist!

030620161973Two coffees, and two conspicuously large plated cakes, a Maple Pecan tart, and a Kahlua Mousse cake came to a princely $20.50, which is very reasonable. I was expecting to be slugged a lot more.

The coffees were quite presentable, but not the best, in my opinion- a bit watery, and not enough fluff in my cappuccino. Could also be the beans they use, which are some kind of generic rubbish you can buy from the supermarket by the look of it. But for late night coffee, it was ok.

The cakes were an entirely different story. BRILLIANT!030620161974

The peacan tart was perfectly made, and the Kahlua mousee cake was big, rich and delicious- plus it was just that little bit different and unique. Cafe’s in Melbourne rarely have such excellent quality.

For both value and content, the regent even beats the green cafe in Brunswick, which has a special place in my heart for being so cheap and tasty, which i have written about previously. Green Cafe- brunswick

I asked the staff, and the regent gold class cafe is typically open from 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week, later on friday and Saturday nights. Fantastic little haunt to go to if you aren’t up for a alcoholic beverage in Ballarat late at night.

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