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Uniting Care Ballarat book fair- 10-12 November (show week long weekend)

Books are fun, books are knowledge! Everyone likes cheap and plentiful second hand books!

HUGE Book fair for three whole days over the whole show weekend at St Andrew’s hall, corner of Dawson and Sturt Street, Ballarat


Entry is via a donation to support the community work uniting care conducts in Ballarat and surrounds!



st andrews hall ballarat


Hilarious chicken products direct from France online

More accessible, and much lower maintenance forms of french chooks you can buy directly online.

As usual, I had a bit too much time on my hands, so I found some amusing and quirky french chicken related products that could survive the journey in a box overseas from France. (Including the Australia post footy team)

The first is a cute chicken “bonnet”- really, its a hat, or fluffy beanie thing.

Certain people I know would love this thing, as silly as it looks- bit that’s the point, right?

“Bonnet de poulet blanc avec de longues pattes déguisement pour Noël fantaisiste”

Ahem. its not going to disguise you as a chicken.

Not even to a blind man, but its definitely pretty amusing.

I think that the dummy to the right who models this delightful french bonnet looks rather nonplussed at being chicken man for the moment.. but again, I can definitely think of a number of people who woudl love this enough to even wear it in public, on a regular basis.. especially to doof raves and clubbbing in the Ballarat or Melbourne CBD.

A very special type of attention is always bestowed upon people in pubs who wear novelty hats- mostly because drunk people are easily amused… and almost always bored. A supper cool.. or incredibly dorky hat gives people an excuse to come talk to you and make a few new friends when out on the town. Just dont expect it not to get stolen by some inebriated git, or out of control female on the turps.

Another odd, but immensely unique gift for the french chicken lover is a HUGE, jumbo sized stuffed chicken leg!

YunNasi Peluche Jambe de Poulet Jouet au Premier Age 60cm Coussin Décoratif Cadeau d’Enfant Doudou Bébé

Thats One Huuuuge Chicken Leg!!! just look at the size of it! over 60 cm in height!

If you are STILL hungry, the gigantic 110 cm version is up for grabs too!

Probably came from a turkey, what do you think?

As a matter of fact, i’d probably want to have one of these on my bed,  if I’m absolutely honest.

It needs a stuffed watermelon to go with it to complete the set however, because, y’know, chicken and watermelon go together and suchlike.

But if the monsterous chicken leg isn’t quite enough for you, the whole kit & kaboodle is availble- an oversized roast chicken. (possibly a toy set for people who dream of actually being able to cook one day.. but are sadly incapable at present.

YunNasi Peluche Poule Poulet Jouet au Premier Age Cadeau Doudou Bébé 45cm

It appears this fluffy chook comes with a whole family of accessories and additions for the perfect inedible roast.

I just cant get over how ridiculous this looks.. but I think I know I WANT ONE for absolutely inexplicable reasons.

Rice Paper Scissors Restaurant Melbourne CBD

Tiny space, friendly staff, and you can watch the chefs work away if you are at the end of the bar.

Tiny space, friendly staff, and you can watch the chefs work away if you are at the end of the bar

Some months ago we visited this charming little spot.

It’s so popular, you CANNOT book- we had to line up as soon as i finished work.

Lots of small, fresh little, inspired and different meals with a Vietnamese flavour coupled with friendly service.

$60 for 5 dishes from their menu.. very, very nice experience.. i have the sneaking suspicion their food is healthy too!

Anyway, we loved it, and have been back since!


The menu:


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