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Kappaya Restaurant- Abbotsford, Melbourne Japanese Soul Food

Located in Abbotsford Convent, this is a very special little Japanese restaurant.240120161534

Choose from a selection of delicious bento boxes, filled with tempura vegetables and chicken;

Any you can even have a beer at this establishement too, as it is licensed… or ajust a pot of tea for the purer souls out there.


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Organic Japanese Cafe- Melbourne CBD

Such an unassuming looking little place hides such wonders and delights!

Organic Japanese Cafe melbourneFor under $13, one can get a very tasty japanese curry and soup, or salad set which makes a teriffic dinner for the busy melbournian worker on the go!

I usually go here fairly religiously  every fortnight or so, when i have things on in the city after work.

The service is quick, and the staff are pretty super friendly.

The curry and rice, which comes in vegetarian, beef, or chicken is particularly good, with a thick, tasty, perfectly textured, rich brown gravy like curry sauce, generous chunks of meat or vegies, and the bed of rice is a perfectly steamed mix of wild rice varieties and white rice, all of which is allegedly organic.

A friend recently took me to another place, “don Don” which also did cheap japanese curries.. but i’d rather pay a few extra dollars to go to this place!

While i typically go for the cheap and cheerful, studenty sort of meals, there is a rather extensive full menu which is a bit pricier. As yet, i have not explored it myself, but other customers are all happily tucking into their meals, which look and smell quite terrific, so i can only assume the rest of the menus selections are as equallly promising!

Apparently, the place’s real name is actually “Brim CC” – japanese organic cafe.

you can check out their website below:

in particular, their innovative and quirky experimental projects, especially the dessert menu look worth investigating!


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