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Old Time Radio (OTR) (in this context) is basically ‘recycled’ older radio podcasts.

Many older radio programs are widely available on the Internet…BUT…. the link below:


Pionier U2 - Diora - E011

Wood-look Bakelite Tabletop set from late ’40s (photo from Wikipedia)

is one of my favourite sites for downloads of FREE radio podcasts ranging from

the early 1930’s to more recent times up to 50 years ago. These are all PUBLIC DOMAIN,

i.e. FREE to download. Most are in compact MP3 format, Thus extending the use of your ‘Pod’ player to: not just music but also Radio Drama or even AudioBooks.  Just Imagine…… While you are doing your regular chores or gardening, you could eventually hear an entire series of radio drama , be it a ‘Hard Boiled’ Detective series such as Sam Spade.. or a Cliffhanger serial!!!


Entire Zips can be downloaded OR in many cases, Individual episodes.  Explore …… and enjoy!!

The podcasts from the above link originated from the “Old Time Radio Researchers Group” whose website is:  http://www.otrr.org/

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