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Tasty Kebab Stop Mair street Ballarat – Late night takeaway

WP_20170412_20_09_34_ProThese new boys on the block originally come from sunshine.

With an eye for business, and a good understanding of the food drunk, busy and hungry rattians want, they set up a permanent van at 27 Mair Street North Ballarat Central.

Since I came to Ballarat, I wondered when somebody would fill this obvious niche need, and, after a false start occurring sig months ago when the owners of Sebastian cafe had a go in their back courtyard,  its finally happened in a more permanent capacity.

Allegedly open till 2am nightly, this kebab stop proffers what has been missing in ballarat for a long time- hot, greasy late night food, and the best iteration of that category is the classic kebab! Not to mention, the new crase, the legendary Halal snack pack- a mix of chips, meats and sauces!

The proprietors, while numerous in number are a happy, chatty bunch and pretty friendly towards their new customers. They guys in the van said that business had been strong from the word go, and while I was there, quite a few people came by to sample the greasy goodness.

The van is also set up in such a way that you can pretty much see exactly what is going on in the kitchen, which for any kebab consumer, is a really important thing to have pace for mind over for obvious reasons!WP_20170412_20_09_48_Pro

I picked the HSP – Halal Snack Pack, which i suspect is the only HSP for sale in Ballarat at present. Mmm. chips, sauce, meat!!!

The price wasn’t that cheap, at $13, nor was it absolutely huge, but it was a good size, and enough for two of us quite easily. (prices are in the image to the right)

WP_20170412_20_21_33_ProSadly, i took a photo of it after we had wolfed down a considerable portion of its contents. It looked a fair bit better before we started demolishing it.

The guys were good enough to give me mixed meat, half chicken, half lamb, separated down the middle, with a choice of a good number of sauces, of which I went the classic garlic and BBQ.

Pretty tasty, though I have to say that the chicken meat was substantially better than the Lamb, which was just ok in comparison. I’d go with just the pure chicken option next time.

Kebab man down in Sebastapol does much better lamb kebab, but it’s not as convenient as the van in Mair street!

It came out a bit colder then I would have liked, but it may have cooled down substantially on the drive home.. and it was a very chilly evening. I think i’d go back here, especially since I did not get ill from the experience, which is always g positive sign when dealing with kebab like late night foods.

The phone number below looks useful for pre-ordering your food before driving or walking down, though I have not used it myself.

Hot & tasty Kebab stop on google maps

27 Mair St E, Ballarat Central VIC 3350


Open today · 5pm–2am

Ballarat Burger Cart- @ Peel and little bridge street Street Coles & woolworths

ballarat_hamburger_cart_BHC_peel_street_monolithicBallarat Hamburger Cart, or BHC is a huge food cart that materialises after dark every night in the Coles and Woolworths carpark on peel and little bridge street street in Ballarat central.

The monolothic sized caravan is towed in by a truck each evening, and is a bit of a Ballarat fast food institution, which stays open late at night to cater for the drunks and revellers as they spill out of the bars in the CBD.


Till the curry van opened up in town recently, and a few other enterprising cafes began doing late night food, this was one of the few places you could get a late night feed, apart from the other institution, the gravy spot on lydiard street

As its shutters open, all manner of Ballarattians that are die hard fans of the greasy treats the cart serves up crowd around and form a long line eagerly, spilling into the carpark, almost oblivious of the possible danger of being run over by the erratically accelerating youths in beaten up commodores and tired looking Japanese performance vehicles that congregate in the area.

On the menu are, as one would guess, Burgers, chips.. and a variety of iced donuts of all things.WP_20161115_21_32_24_Pro

Many a time I have passed this place while on my weekly supermarket trip, and had the misfortune of crossing downwind through the stomach churning, greasy fumes belching out of the rangehood extractors of the van, and utterly dismissed it as somewhere I would never go.

I mentioned the foul smell of the van to a work colleague one evening, and she looked at me with horror, like i had just insulted a national icon. for a moment, I thought I was about to be called the feared “UnAustralian”!

WP_20161115_21_42_06_ProShe described the burgers as “The best in Ballarat” and that they were “beautiful burgers” that had to be tried since I was a local now.

I looked at her quizzically, and asked her if this was a similar workplace induction story to asking the new apprentice to go buy a left handed screwdriver, except for me, it was food poisoning that I was fearing.

She went on to recommend the “Tradie Burger”, as it was probably substantial enough for a man of my size.
The next night, after knocking off work late, I certainly was starving, and I couldn’t be bothered cooking- so i moseyed across to the burger caravan for a closer look at that they had to offer.

Up close, the van seemed clean, tidy, professional and the serving staff were friendly and helpful.

I ordered the famously raved about tradie burger, and though it didn’t really look like much, it definitely was WP_20161115_21_43_21_Propretty decent. Best way to describe a BHC burger is that its very much an ‘Honest’ burger. it has exactly what is promised in it- meat, cheese, all the good stuff, very much UNLIKE mcdonalds, hungry jacks or any of those other horifficly tasteless offerings put out by chain stores. (maybe with the exception of the pricey Grill’d)

The only criticism is that there doesn’t seem to be any really uniquely tasty signature sauce in the burger that comes standard, which would make it really, really special.

The prices are quite reasonable and what you get is quality.

A lot of people seem to be ordering the lemon donuts- there is probably good reason for this, and on my next visit, ill be nabbing a sack of them to take home and gobble by the TV

They even do specials occasionally on their facebook page which are pretty excellent deals by the look of it.  .

Ballarat Hamburger Cart (BHC) SATURDAY SPECIAL (example)
$15- 2 hamburgers with the lot (meat, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, onion & sauce) +  6 donuts (jam, cinnamon or  lemon)

$25 2 hamburgers with the lot (meat, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, onion & sauce),
2 cheeseburgers (meat, cheese, lettuce, onion & sauce) & your choice between 1 tray of chips OR 6 donuts (jam, cinnamon or lemon)


Ballarat Hamburger Cart

Car Park 24 Little Bridge St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350


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