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The change in environment from pet shop to new owners can be a very traumatizing experience for a young bunny. He is losing his friends, handlers and familiar noises.

So, here are a few tips to reduce the stress for bunny.

  1. Have a soft cotton ‘bunny-rug’ or large towel ready (90x90cm is ideal)
  2. Place the rug completely over the bunny. It will subdue him instantly as he can’t see what is going on.
  3. Wrap the bunny, loosely, like a baby and place him in a comfortable carrybag – a cloth bag is is most comfortable for bunny.
  4. Have your pet-carrier box or cardboard box ready, lined with paper and straw. (We don’t want any bunny accidents, do we?).
  5.  Place the bagged bunny in the entrtance of the pet-carrier or in the box and loosen the wrappings from around the bunny so he can make his own way in.
  6. Remove the bunny-rug and bag gently from your pet container.
  7. Close it and cover the carrier, so he is kept in the dark..
  8. Bunny is  now ready for travel.
  9. to unpack Bunny, the process is reversed.

One Comment

  1. How can I reinforce my bunnies’ crate with wire mesh to be able to fly cargo?

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