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    Ballarat Car Boot & Farmers Market dates list 2018

    Car boot and farmers markets in Ballarat and surrounds are a great morning our with family and & friends.

    You never know what you might find, from fresh fruits, nuts, vegies and home cooked goodies at farmers markets, to furniture, bikes, odds and ends at bargain prices at the car boot sales.

    Most have been running for years, if not decades, and are a chance to support not just local producers,Artisans, home crafters & bakers, as well as larrkin wheeler dealer hobbyist second hand merchants, but also the charities and service clubs that run them in some cases.

    The markets don't generally have set dates each month- they work off particular weeks of the month in most cases.

    There are also the occasional specialist or occasional market event that is organised, such as the inaugural colossal swap meet at the Mitchell park airport each year, which will offer up a veritable treasure trove of rare and unusual goods, and tasty fare.

    Visit Ballarat is a great resource for finding excellent markets in Ballarat and surrounds that might be updated more frequently than this site, so be sure to check out their website


    The blog eat local Ballarat is also not a bad resource; it has not been updated since 2016, but most of the information is still fairly current.


    Dates of Saturday Farmer's Markets Ballarat, 3350 Victoria

     1st Saturday of the month 9 am - 1 pm: Bridgemall Farmers Market




    2nd Saturday of the month 9 am - 1 pm: Ballarat Farmers Market- Lake Wendouree (Lakeside, opposite the botanical gardens)

    3rd Saturday of the month 9am - 1pm Creswick farmers market


    4th Saturday of the month 9 am - 1 pm:  Ballarat Farmers Market- Brown Hill Hall- 357 Humffray St Nth, Brown Hill (all weather market!)



    Dates of Regular Sunday Farmers Markets in Ballarat

    3rd Sunday of every Month: Talbot Farmer's market (Talbot 3371)

    This market is a popular and varied market which basically takes over the town of Talbot, with streets closed in the "CBD" for the market.

    You can get everything from fruit & veggies, to plants, or even a chook, goat or farm equipment, or clothing.




    EVERY Sunday! - Daylesford Sunday market



    Dates of Regular Sunday Car boot Market in Ballarat

    EVERY single Sunday, every month at the Ballarat showgrounds Run by the rotary club of Ballarat south.

    There is the odd sunday where the market does not run due to a special event, the show or other reason such as extreme weather- check the facebook page to see if there's an exception or not.




    List of Occasional and special interest markets in Ballarat:

    Design Exchange Market (At the mining Exchange, Lydiard Street)

    Artisan clothing, crafts, sculpture, paintings & ceramics.




    Ballarat Swap Meet- Mitchell Park (airport) (19th Feb, 2019)

    Possibly the biggest and most interesting market that you are ever likely to see.

    Stall holders come from all around Victoria and the entire country to meet, sell wares and have a yarn.

    Thousands of stalls + food and other oddments. $10/day entry fee


    Ballarat Springfest- Lake (November) Wendouree parade, Ballarat.

    Big, bright and bashful- this market festival is a mix between agricultural show, car show& shine, and a swap meet / farmers market.

    Expect to see stalls ringing the entire lake!

    The annual springfest is run by rotary Ballarat.




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    Home Made Beer Barrel DIY from supermarket materials

    So, you want to have a go at brewing beer at home, or ginger beer, home_brewing_logoelderflower wine, apple cider, scumpy or suchlike?

    Problem. Most people don't just have a huge barrel for brewing laying about the house, or the shed.. well. maybe in the shed, but that had weed killer or petrol in it beforehand, so it's a bad idea.

    DON'T! just use a random old barrel that you found in the shed. It'll end in tears.

    What you need is a food grade container, of at least 10 litres capacity to make a small batch of beer or cider with. Ideally, it'll be easy to clean, and have a bung and tap at the bottom.

    Specialised home brewing barrels can be expensive- expect to pay in excess of $100 for one.

    You used to be able to get brew kits from the local corner store, or supermarket, but they are harder to find nowadays. not enough profit in it I suppose. I had to do a lot of running around to figure out where to get home brewing supplies from, that was not an expensive specialty store.

    Of all places I discovered that Dan Murphys, (a bottle shop??, where they sell pre brewed alcohol??)  you can buy a kit with all you need for $120.

    A mass produced commercial home brew kit for $120


    Big W has a lot of the gear you may need too, including bench cappers and other accessories, though for some products, they aren't quite as cheap. It pays to shop around.


    Dan's also has a set of 15 bottles that are suitable for brewing. When brewing, its important to have suitable bottles to put your beverages in- Thin glass bottles- they have a tendency to explode. That can really spoil your DIY experience, as your brew could make a huge mess, blow holes in plaster walls, and possibly injure somebody, leading to a potential lawsuit.

    Luckily, at the local coles or woolies supermarket, there's something that almost fits the criteria- a 12 litre plastic water goon cask or brick, which will set you back a princely $4


    It's big enough, it has a tap at the bottom, and with a little work, you can make a nice laHome_made_beer_brewing_barrelrge opening with a sharp knife or scissors

    Empty it out, and cut a hole in the top of the water brick with a decent knife.

    Use a stabbing and cutting motion, working from the corners to make a hole large enough to enable you to put your hand in to clean the barrel after use.


    You may want to set up the lid with a closable flap so you can keep the dust out of the barrel during storage, but this was a Mark one version, so i just cut a hole. It works. water and ingredients go in, get mixed, and you can set it up off the edge of your bench to fill the bottles with ease.

    For your first brew, you may like to take advantage of the sterile, pure and contaminant free water the spring water brick contains, especially if you live in a country area where the tap water doesn't taste the best.

    When you are ready to get serious about your brewing, it;ll be time to buy the proper equipment and get the right advice- if you live in ballarat, try http://ballarathomebrew.com.au

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    Kappaya Restaurant- Abbotsford, Melbourne Japanese Soul Food

    Located in Abbotsford Convent, this is a very special little Japanese restaurant.240120161534

    Choose from a selection of delicious bento boxes, filled with tempura vegetables and chicken;

    Any you can even have a beer at this establishement too, as it is licensed... or ajust a pot of tea for the purer souls out there.


    instagram photos of the menu





    Other reviews:





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    99spaces.co - Creative Coworking & Popup shop rental site

    During my travels, I met one of the owners of a brand new creative coworking and pop-up shop rental advertising site, 99spaces.co

    The site is quite handy as there are no other real estate sites quite like it around that allow you to search for exactly what you want in a creative coworking space to do your freelance teleworking, and has quite a good level of inventory on it, including coworking offices for niche minority and specialised groups.


    There are even coworking spaces for women only!

    and yes, its a DOT "CO", NOT A DOT COM.

    If you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, programmer or any other professional that just needs a nest to put your laptop, and a comfy chair, with (hopefully) nice people around you to bounce ideas off, this could be an invaluable resource.

    The ability to search by daily, weekly, or even hourly hire of the coworking space makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and filter out the other candidates in the area with a click of a button.

    Essentially, its like realestate.com.au, but for corwrkign and super short term commercial popup retail space.

    lots of handy filter options to find exactly the coworking or popup shop facility you need, on the terms you require.

    lots of handy filter options to find exactly the coworking or popup shop facility you need, on the terms you require.

    Often these co-working spaces and popup shop sites have reduced rates, or free days where you can try before you commit, and this site is a great way to sniff some of those great deals out.

    The site provides all the essential information you need to know, plus some photos of the spaces so you can make an assessment about whether it has the kind of positive and airy atmosphere that you are looking for.

    Many of the coworking rentals look significantly better equipped and more pleasant than most A grade corporate office blocks. Ask your boss if you can move offsite? :P Cheeky idea.


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    Minted lamb Cutlets with Potato Salad

    A delicious, healthy and high protein meal for one that takes less than half an hour to prepare, and only ten minutes if you pre-make the potato salad.  A perfect after work meal for the busy professional that costs under $17.


    The meat Can be bought fresh after work in the basement of DJ's The meat Can be bought fresh after work in the basement of DJ's




    3X Frenched lamb Cutlets

    1X Wagu Burger

    Fresh mint and rosemary

    3 Tbs Sushi or mirin seasoning

    1 Tbs Rice bran oil





    Potato Salad:

    6 Small washed salad potatoes

    2 Eggs

    1 Carrot

    100gm Christmas ham290120161549

    5 tbs mayonaise

    1 Tbs French mustard

    2 Fresh beetroot

    2 Sticks celery

    1 handful of rocket

    Small handful of cheese.


    Place Potatoes, Eggs, and Beetroot in pot, and boil.
    Chop Celery and ham into fine pieces

    Peel Carrot, discard peelings, and shred remainder with the peeler into thin strips, and chop coarsely.

    Drain boliling pot of liquid, and fill with cold water to cool contents. Circulate and change cold water a few times to speed up cooling process.

    Remove egg shells.

    Chop potatoes, beetroot and egg into quarters

    Combine all ingredients above with rocket in a bowl, toss with mayonaise and mustard, top with tasty cheese.

    Pre Marinade lamb cutlets with mint and rosemary, Mirin seasoning. 290120161556

    Place Lamb and wagu burger into a very hot rice bran oiled pan.

    Turn down heat, and close pan.

    after 5 minutes open pan, and turn lamb and burger.

    Put lamb to edge of pan to stay hot after a further 5 minutes, and center burger in the middle to cook fully.

    Serve with potato Salad.




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