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Ganache Chocolate shop and Café – Melbourne CBD

Ganache is one of the quintessential must visit cake and coffee shops within the environs of the melbourne CBD.


On offer are stylish artisan chocolates, delicious, chocolatey moussy cakes and excellent coffee.

Ganache is not jsut located in the CBD, but also a sister store in South Yarra on Toorak Road, where the majority of the manufacturing and baking takes place.

Ganache also runs a sort of cooking school where you can join their master confectioners and learn to make truffles, nougat, custom chocolate bars and the trendy macaron.


Now, onto the CAKE and the coffee!-

Cake and coffee is at the price you would expect for a specialty melboune cafe- or… chocoalte lounge, as they prefer to call it. your wallet will be lightened by around $13 in most cases for a quick trip for a sugar fix.


Le Petit Gateau – Melbourne CBD

Situated in the Melbourne CBD, on 458 little Collins street, is a very special little cake shop that should be high on the list of must visits for all chocolate fans and cake connoisseurs.


le petit gataux melbourne CBDHere you can be serenaded by sugar and all things nice, which are the artful creations of international pastry chef Pierrick Boyer.

The cakes are that little bit unusual and adventurous in their bold combinations of flavours, and give off the illusion of vaguely boisterous and oddball asian dessert influences, where fruit, cream, coffee caramel, nuts, chocolate and cocoa strive valiantly to push the boundaries of traditionally accepted flavour infusions.

Chocolate brownie with passionfruit? not super unusual, but fruit and dense, heavy chocolate- it doesn’t typically come to mind

The place runs as a cafe-come-bakery and churns our delicious cakes and very decent coffee all day.

The showcase cabinet proffers around ten different small cakes, and after 2:30pm, they have a special where coffee and cake are around ~$10 for both- pretty good value for a premium product in the CBD, dont you think?

The “menu” – or really sugar-drug list for fellow addicts like myself, can be found here, with prices:


The cakes are pricey, but no more than any other place of quality in the melbourne CBD and its surrounds. A small cake comes in at $37, which feeds 8+, and the large is ~$52, which feeds over 16 people in my experience, depending on how it is cut. The cakes are very rich, sweet and filling, so you can get away with stingily small looking slices and people will still be happy.

Regardless to say, I thoroughly recommend this establishment, and its fine fare and caffeinated beverages.



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