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Why Advertise with Bunnyscrum?


Bunnyscrum is the premier top search ranking independent food & restaurant review & commentary website for Ballarat & western Victoria.





  • Thousands of readers per month- both locals & tourists

  • Visitors searching for information on local products & services

  • Readers are serious about near term visitation, hiring or buying.

  • Trusted honest brand-  frank and credible independent journalism

  • Regionally Focused:  Ballarat & Western Victoria


  • Over 90% of  Bunnyscrum.com readers come to the site via organic search (Google!), and are highly engaged potential customers who are visiting with the specific purpose of pre-purchase or pre-visit research for a particular product, service, or business.

  •  Bunnyscrum consistently ranks in the top 1o on google for many keywords related to the Ballarat & Western Victorian area and consistently returns a top 10 search result for reviews and commentary on specific businesses and products within mere weeks of publishing.

  • Good Value- *Traceable* direct conversion to sales.

  • Our systems can provide reports that tell you your exact return on investment, and how many customers are coming through your doors because of ads or articles on this website- no guessing; like with print, TV and radio.

    Advertising services offered:

  • Traditional Banner Advertising

    • Graphical display banners, linked to sponsor website or social media
    • Graphic design included
    • Flexible time periods 1 month to permanent.
    • Multiple ad placement options- all of site, category based
    • Choice of prominent positions- embedded mid article, side column, top header, footer.
  • Sponsored Content Journalism (We write about your business; product or event)

    • We visit your site
    • We sample your goods & services
    • Photography and/or Cinematography included
    • Return on investment (ROI) tracking strategy developed to allow value reporting to be provided
    • Article content &written in conjunction with sponsor
    • Article or video posted on website & social media permanently (no time limit)
    • Regular site readership & article ROI estimate reports.

For Advertising Enquiries, please email us

advertising (-at-) bunnyscrum.com (no spam)

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