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HSP Ballarat- Humanitarian Settlement Program Providers- Not a Halal Snack pack!

Lately, I’ve noticed an absolute EXPLOSION in interest in the phrase “HSP Ballarat”

Traffic on the Bunnyscrum website has reached unprecedented levels for a relatively cult food sensation following, and while I do like to think that Ballarat has the BEST Halal Snack packs in VIC, that even beat some famous Melbourne institutions of late night greasy goodness, I think people might just be looking for something entirely, totally different, and honestly, a lot less frivolous than a late night feed.

HSP can also stand for Humanitarian Settlement Program, It’s administered by the Australian government Department of Social Services, or DSS.


What is a Humanitarian Settlement Program?

When new refugee migrants first arrive in Australia, they encounter one of the most challenging and difficult periods in their lives, where they have little to no financial resources, often limited English language skills, or knowledge of the culture, laws and customs of their new adopted home, Australia.

They need to navigate their way though a bewildering maze of hoops to jump through in order to become integrated and productive in their new environment, much of which everyday, established Australians see as commonplace, and take for granted; starting with successfully accessing financial support, finding a place to live, educating themselves, and finding a job. On top of this, they still bear the scars and trauma of atrocities and hardships that may have occurred in their country of origin, and in many cases, along the journey toward Australia.

Such new migrant arrivals benefit greatly from assistance and support delivered by organizations  who assist their initial transition.

Ballarat first became a region of settlement as part of a pilot program involving immigrants from the African nation of Togolese ; which had mixed success came under heavy criticism for poor planning initially, mainly through a paper written by an academic

However, anecdotal commentary from some participants at the time indicated extremely positive outcomes, gratefulness generally for having escaped the horrors and hardships of life in refugee camps.

More information about the role of organizations who assist refugee migrants can be found in the below paper:


The DSS website lists the following organizations as service providers:

These providers hold the contract for servicing the area of Regional Victoria, which encompasses the settlement areas of

  • Mildura;
  • Shepparton;
  • Geelong;
  • Wodonga
Ballarat Community Health
12 Libourne Street
Lucas VIC 3350
Bendigo Community Health
171 Hargreaves St
Bendigo VIC 3550
FK Services t/a Redback Settlement Services
4/111 Lewis Rd
Knoxfield VIC 3180
Geelong Ethnic Communities Council t/a Diversitat
Head Office-
153 Pakington St, Geelong West, 3218
25-41 Arunga Ave
Norlane VIC 3214
Kildonan Uniting Care
219-225 Wyndham St,
Shepparton VIC 3630
177 Beechworth Rd
Wodonga VIC 3690
Mallee Family Care
229 Beveridge Street
Swan Hill VIC 3585
Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council
38-40 Madden Avenue Mildura VIC 3500
For the full list of Humanitarian Settlement providers, please see the link to the DSS site.





I love burgers and Kebabs wendouree ballarat – Bird is the word chicken burger – amazing Ballarat fried chicken

WP_20170921_22_23_18_ProStarving hungry after a long shift at work, I was driving down Howitt street Wendouree when I saw the familiar and tastebud friendly lights of the I love burgers and kebabs burger van, glowing in the distance.

Normally, I go the HSP with these guys, pretty much because it’s the BEST HSP in Ballarat, but tonight, such glottony by myself seemd unjustfyable, even if it was incredibly tempting.

The idea of the chicken burger- “bird is the word” had been catching my attention a lot, the last couple of trips here mostly because of the mention of the fact that the recipe for the fried chicken inside was stolen from the proprietor’s father… suggesting a long standing, tried and true crowd pleasing recipe…

But in this case, the sheer fact that it advertised “raw slaw” content was enough for me to make a weak justification for my guilty purchase to the lass when i came home smelling of delicious burgers later in the night. I could at least say I’d had some salad/greens/whatever a cabbage counts as.

I guess i’d conveniently NOT mention that I’d up sized to the drink and chippies option. (It’s a mandatory, not optional thing, right? I mean, it’s beer battered crisp, golden chips and kirks’s pasito! not negotiable complementary goods to a satisfying burger meal!)

MmmmMmmm! check out that thick, crispy, juicy DOUBLE HIT of fried chicken in that there burger, and a good squirt of tangy sauce!!

Undoubtedly ballarat’s best chicken burger!


I love burgers and kebabs Wendouree howitt street ballarat

WP_20170510_18_29_04_ProOver the last couple months, I’ve noticed a food cart parked outside premix king and shepp cannery surplus, near NQR clearance stores on Howitt street, in the Wendouree CBD.
Bright blue fairy lights adorn a plain white boxish food van, shining alluringly in the night. Painted quite simply on the back of the van is some stylised burgers, kebabs and love hearts.

Mmmmm burgers.. Kebabs
. And oh yes I love them!!
It seemed a bit gimmicky at first, parked outside a late night liquor store, in a lonely car park, so I never investigated… Just drive on by. This, I’d learn, was a big mistake!!

Earlier this week, I and the lass stopped by in Wendouree shopping strip to quickly pick something up. It was a fresh night, pleasantly frosty, so we went for a wander, determined to undo whatever meager exercise we had undertaken with a good dose of comforting takeout.

Looking at the menu, the prices were reasonably cheap, the van was very clean and certainly not the usual disturbingly insanitary state food vans often can be… especially those serving kebabs!

We picked out a HSP – Halal Snack Pack. with two meats- chicken and Lamb.WP_20170510_18_40_41_Pro

As per usual, we devoured half that delicious Ballarat HSP before getting aroudn to takign a photo of it, in all its pristine three sauced splendour- there was a choice, but we went with traditional- Garlic, BBQ and chilli.

The size was particularly generous- more than enough for two, and served nice and piping hot!

The surprise was that in addition to delicious meats, the chips beneath were exceptionally golden and crispy. well above average, and probably the best take away chips in Ballarat, even rivaling the golden gems served up by the round the way bagel burger cafe.

WP_20170510_18_28_49_ProThe staff were really friendly, enthusiastic young people too- their cute little daughter can be seen helping her mum make burgers just over the counter, which is indescribably adorable.

Their burger menu looks crazily delicious too, with double crumbed fried chicken, “bird is the word”, meat lovers, and even a vegetarian burger creation featuring Haloumi cheese, eggplant and grilled spinach and pumpkin. I’m looking forward to coming back!

check out their facebook page- it has a lot more fantastic photos of their delicious burgers!

Highlights info row image1241 Howitt Street
3355 Wendouree, Victoria, Australia
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