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Rabbit massage


All animals need physical and mental stimulation to thrive: your rabbit is no exception,

Especially if he is a lone bunny with no friends. On his own, he is physically deprived of attention and grooming from other rabbits. The following method will, hopefully ease any such stress or deprivation that he might be feeling.

  1. While on the ground, face your rabbit in an ‘east-west’ direction in front of you.   (head facing to the right)
  2. Place your right hand under his front paws with your hand across his chest.
  3. Next, put your left hand on his rump crossing the top of both of his hind legs.
  4. Supporting his back, in an anti-clockwise direction, rotate bunny until he is lying at 45 degrees on your left arm, just like holding a baby.
  5. Sit down with your rabbit on a chair or bed, resting his hind legs on your knees and his entire back on your left arm.
  6. With your right hand, firmly start stroking him under the chin and top of the nose in both directions – up and down. If he enjoys this, he will start to relax and close his eyes.

(a) Stroke the full length of his front paws

(b) Then stroke him from the neck to the middle of his belly, also in a slightly grasping action work down to his middle section only.

(c) Next, work from the top of his hind legs down to his toes and massage his toe nails with your fingers. (This will be very positive experience, if or when you have to cut his nails – monthly, if in a hutch environment)

(d) The last part of the massage is from the middle of the stomach towards the genitals. This is a very sensitive area, so don’t attempt this stage until he completely comfortable with the previous massage steps. Use your full hand in a broad stroking action incorporating his hind legs at the same time.

When you are successful, your bunny will be so relaxed in your arms that he will virtually fall asleep. This will indicate that he has enjoyed the experience and will be looking forward to his next massage session.

Just casually haveing a cruisy bunny time...another happy customer feeeling a bit sleepy


  1. Occasionally, in our ‘bunny massage’ sessions, we like to incorporate a small amount of natural pyrethrum based cat flea powder (as they live outside). The powder is applied against the grain of his fur and is worked in with a massage action and any excess powder on the surface of his coat is removed with a damp micro-fibre cloth (as rabbits, like cats, lick their fur). Make sure that you wash your hands, afterwards. For your own rabbit, consult your local qualified veterinary care expert.


PLEASE PRACTICE, PRACTICE this massage technique on a soft toy such as a teddy bear until you are confident. No rabbit likes to be a ‘guinea pig’ for a bad masseur as it will stress and agitate him and not relax him.

 This gentle handling prepares your rabbit to be comfortable with you cleaning him with a damp micro-fibre cloth and soft towel when he gets himself in a dirty mess! (e.g. after a digging session or manure stuck to his fur)

A lone rabbit cannot clean himself as well as rabbits that live in a group as they all help each other with preening.


'Spaced out' Baby bunny massage video:


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Transporting your new Rabbit





The change in environment from pet shop to new owners can be a very traumatizing experience for a young bunny. He is losing his friends, handlers and familiar noises.

So, here are a few tips to reduce the stress for bunny.

  1. Have a soft cotton ‘bunny-rug’ or large towel ready (90x90cm is ideal)
  2. Place the rug completely over the bunny. It will subdue him instantly as he can’t see what is going on.
  3. Wrap the bunny, loosely, like a baby and place him in a comfortable carrybag – a cloth bag is is most comfortable for bunny.
  4. Have your pet-carrier box or cardboard box ready, lined with paper and straw. (We don’t want any bunny accidents, do we?).
  5.  Place the bagged bunny in the entrtance of the pet-carrier or in the box and loosen the wrappings from around the bunny so he can make his own way in.
  6. Remove the bunny-rug and bag gently from your pet container.
  7. Close it and cover the carrier, so he is kept in the dark..
  8. Bunny is  now ready for travel.
  9. to unpack Bunny, the process is reversed.

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Taming a young rabbit


TAMING A YOUNG BUNNY (wild or domestic)

 Effectively: "Bunny whispering"

Warning: Rabbits have nasty sharp claws and teeth and they will use them them if they get agitated. Please be patient with bunny.

Some are smarter  than others and run like us humans, it runs in family lines.

 Have a soft cotton ‘bunny-rug’ or large towel ready (90x90cm is ideal)

  1. Place the rug completely over the bunny. It will subdue him instantly as he can’t see what is going on.
  2. Wrap the bunny tightly and keep it restrained and have its head out of the wrapping
  3. Hold him close to your chest a give it plenty of eye contact while stroking it head down to its nose with your finger until he calms down. (Ensure that you let him know who’s boss and still keep him restrained)
  4. Do this in 5 minute sessions only then offer him some food. He needs a POSITIVE outcome from each session. (Usually, it has taken us 3-5 sessions before, he is ready for the next stage).
  5. After bunny has got to know you and is calm, put the wrapped bunny on your knee and loosen the bunny-rug so you can stroke him from head to tail, including front paws, while still covered. Stroking the paws are important because it prepares the rabbit for future nail trimming sessions every month if required.
  6. Repeat the blanket constrained sessions described above until the rabbit becomes more familiarized with you, and hence more cooperative, then move onto stroking below the chin and behind the ears also.
  7. When the rabbit stops struggling in the blanket, this indicates he is ready for the next stage of the training process, where he is restrained with bare hands, without the aid of a blanket.
  8. Without the aid of the blanket for restraint, stroke the rabbit in the same manner as described in steps 6 and 7. When he is clearly enjoying the attention, and closes his eyes in a trance like state, it is time to introduce the soft dog grooming brush in place of your hands.
  9. It is important to touch the rabbit on the tummy until the animal is comfortable with this such that he may be flea powdered effectively without a fuss in the future.
  10. This whole training process can be completed within a single day, staged over 3-5 minutes sessions with a break in between each new step for play and sleep.

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