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Round the Way Bagels and burgers Ballarat

WP_20160320_14_11_06_ProRound the way is one of my favourite, most loved establishments in the beautiful city of Ballarat, and possibly holds the crown of being the second eatery I visited in this fair town.
The unassuming name, “Round the way” doesn’t really give up much in it’s title initially….. the only hint that you can see in hindsight is the promise of big, round bagels.. as is indicated by the pile of the things on display in the front window. (YES! that’s a lot of bagels out there!- no false advertising in this place- what you see on display is truly what is on offer!

This  serves up particularly special, and addictive, absolutely delicious bagel burgers in a vaguely american WP_20160320_14_19_59_Prorockabilly cafe atmosphere.

Apparently, it also has a roving food truck / van thing that attends various events around Ballarat, all the way down to the surf coast, and for private catering such as weddings and corporate functions.- sadly, I have never caught sight of it yet, but that might be just an indidcation that i need to get a life and get out more.

The burgers are big, juicy and saucy, just the way any sane person likes them… and come with a few pretzels on the side for some reason. (Not that i’m complaining!)

The coffee is pretty good too- thankfully, despite the american diner atmosphere, they seem to have dispensed with the nasty dripolator coffee pot, (which is really only suitable for hard boiled american police with anger, substance abuse and family issues)- There’s a familiar espresso machine instead- not everything needs to be authentic!

Another thing to be sureWP_20160320_14_19_54_Pro not to miss is the sides. beautifully arranged appetisingly presented, and almost more
special than the main event, the massive, awesome burgers, are the crispy golden wedges, and potato salad, plus something else that was super tasty that I have forgotten the identity of.

Great value too- I think the trio of sides was around $12. The burger was pricey, but definitely worth it for a treat, or a cute lunchdate with the lass, which is what i did on this occasion. The burger + sides shared and coffee each was enough to satisfy one hungry man, and one small girl. I think our bill was round $35.

Address: 30 Main road, Bakery Hill, Victoria, 3350





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