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Kanitar Thai- Geelong

Kanitar Thai- Geelong.

140520161921We went to Geelong a couple weeks ago for a bit of a fun roadtrip, and found ourselves hungry and in need of something delicious. On Recommendation from my uncle, we went to the sister restaurant of Kanitar- (the original establishment)  that was up the road.

That, was a tiny little place of excellent reputation for quality, and good prices,  which was, sadly, solidly booked out.

The staff there directed us to go down the road, and visit the “new” restaurant, Kanitar, for the same menu, and same experience, just in a bigger premises. This restaurant is HUGE, and fairly nicely fitted out.

Looks liek they are still workign on the decor, as its a bit sparse, but hte seats are confy, the service is good, and the fodd is excellent. if you are on Malop street in Geelong, and in need of a well priced feed, that is pretty delicious, check this place out!

Kanitar Thai- Geelong: Offical website



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